At Datwyler, we go beyond merely meeting your industry’s sealing needs – we anticipate and innovate for them.
Merging Swiss precision with American ingenuity, our solutions span a diverse array of sectors, each benefitting from our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer-focused innovation. Below are just a few of the industries on which we specialize.
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Energy Completion & Drilling

Experience unparalleled reliability and performance with Datwyler’s solutions in energy completion and drilling. We design our advanced sealing materials to thrive under extreme conditions, maximizing both efficiency and safety.
Our innovations are your peace of mind in one of the industry’s most demanding environments.

Sanitary – Drinking Water

Clean and safe drinking water is a right, not a luxury. Datwyler ensures this with sealing solutions that meet the strictest health standards. Our products are engineered to safeguard water purity, ensuring every drop delivered is as safe as it is refreshing. 


In the HVAC sector, Datwyler sealing leads with smart materials, sensors, and actuators that align with the latest in IoT and energy efficiency. We enhance not just the performance of your systems but also the comfort and experience of end-users, bringing modern heating, ventilation, and air conditioning into the future. 

Off-Highway Machinery and Vehicles

From tractors to excavators, Datwyler supports the off-highway machinery and vehicle industry shift towards greater efficiency and sustainability. Our innovative materials are designed to ensure the reliable performance of machinery and systems, helping to cultivate a future where sectors ranging from agriculture to construction grow hand in hand with technology.


For the aerospace industry, where precision and safety are non-negotiable, Datwyler offers expertly crafted sealing solutions. Our products meet the rigorous standards of aerospace applications, ensuring that every journey is as safe as it is groundbreaking.  

Hydrogen & Energy Storage

In the energy sector, our work in hydrogen, energy storage, and batteries is crucial to the global shift toward electrification and sustainable energy use. You can count on our expertise in creating materials that can handle exceptionally demanding requirements, and on our ability to scale up production swiftly and efficiently. Bottom line: As the world moves towards decarbonization, our operational expertise ensures that you’re well-equipped to lead this transformation.

Medical Equipment

In the critical medical sector, Datwyler’s precise and reliable solutions range from advanced wearables for health monitoring to specialized components for medical devices. We ensure that every product not only meets but exceeds the meticulous standards of medical applications. 

Automotive Sealing

The automotive industry is moving ever closer to global electrification – and with that, increasing demand for innovative, safe and sustainable system-critical sealing solutions. Find out why Datwyler is your trusted co-engineering partner as the transition to e-mobility accelerates.

Beyond traditional boundaries

Our expertise extends to sectors as diverse as game development, where our wearable elastomers bring virtual experiences to life, and power tool manufacturing, with our durable thermoplastics enhancing tool longevity. Datwyler stands for operational excellence and innovative material solutions, ensuring superior quality across industries.

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