In fields like agriculture and construction, where every day brings new challenges, Datwyler stands ready to support you with sealing solutions that are as resilient as they are innovative.
We understand that durability and reliability are not just requirements but necessities for off-highway machinery and systems.
Our range of O-Rings and Back-Up rings is designed to endure the toughest conditions, ensuring your equipment performs optimally, day in and day out.

Tailored Products for Excellence, from Agriculture and Construction to Ports and Materials Handling

O-Rings and Back-Up Rings

Specially crafted using materials like Nitrile, Silicone, and FKM, known for their strength and adaptability in off-highway environments, from agriculture and construction, to ports and materials handling.

Custom Molded Seals

We tailor our products to meet the exacting and diverse requirements of off-highway machinery and equipment manufacturers.


At Datwyler, innovation is a continuous journey. We’re constantly evolving our material technologies and developing sustainable solutions that lead the way in off-highway machinery and vehicles.

Our innovative approach is about more than just meeting current needs – it’s about setting new standards and exploring how these advancements can benefit your operations and the broader industry.

Harnessing the Power of Smart Technology 

In an industry where adaptation and advancement are key, Datwyler is at the forefront, bringing you the latest in smart materials, sensors, and actuators. Developed in collaboration with leading start-ups and technical schools, our innovative solutions are tailored to propel your operations into the future. Imagine harnessing the full potential of digitalization, IoT, energy harvesting, and intuitive human-machine interfaces – all integrated seamlessly into your workflow. Our expertise in solution design and material science translates into smarter, more efficient operations for your off-highway machinery and vehicles business. 

Leading the Charge in Sustainable Energy

As the world shifts towards cleaner, more sustainable energy solutions, your business needs to stay ahead of the curve. Datwyler is your ally in this transition, with our groundbreaking work in hydrogen technology, energy storage, and battery solutions. We’re committed to equipping your business with the tools and technologies needed to lead in this era of electrification and sustainability. With Datwyler, stepping into the future of energy is not just a vision; it’s a reality. 

Material Innovations Shaping the Future 

In the dynamic landscape of the off-highway machinery and vehicle industry, staying ahead means continuously evolving. Datwyler’s innovative materials are designed to revolutionize industry standards, meeting your changing needs with agility and precision. Our focus is on developing and integrating advanced materials into complex parts, enhancing functionality, and elevating performance. With us, you’re not just adapting to industry changes; you’re driving them. 


Our Core Competencies, tailored to your needs

At Datwyler, we understand the unique challenges and demands of the Off-Highway machinery. Our core competencies are not just the backbone of our operations; they are the driving force
behind the tailored solutions we provide to you.






Tailored Solution Design

We specialize in crafting high-spec, durable solutions tailored to your unique off-highway machinery and system requirements. Our approach is all about understanding and addressing the specific challenges you face in your daily operations.


Material Expertise for Tough Environments 

Recognizing the diverse conditions for industries such as farming and construction, we offer a wide range of compound options, with a special focus on Nitrile, Silicone, and FKM compounds. These materials are selected for their exceptional durability and efficiency, ensuring that your equipment performs optimally under any condition.


Operational Excellence: Precision and Reliability 

At Datwyler, we pride ourselves on our ability to rapidly scale production to meet the ever-changing and demanding needs
of industries using off-highway equipment and machinery. Our agility in manufacturing allows us to provide you with the solutions you need, when you need them.