At Datwyler, material expertise is at the core of our innovation. We pride ourselves on our custom in-house compound
mixing, tailored to meet the specific needs and certification requirements of diverse industries, including military,
aerospace, and drinking water. Our US-driven material development ensures that whichever your industry, you
benefit from materials that lead in compliance, innovation, and sustainability.


Decades of Evolving Knowledge for Cutting-Edge Materials

Our extensive experience is constantly refined to provide you
with state-of-the-art materials. Controlling every process stage
in-house, from creating individual compounds to complex
formulation and mixing, we turn innovative ideas into reality,
contributing to a safer and more sustainable world.
With the capability to offer over 500 compounds and 30,000
parts, we’re not just limited to standard options. And if a truly
unique solution is needed, we have custom mixing capabilities,
both in the US and around the globe.


A focus on our Nový Bydžov
Mixing Plant, and how it works for you

Nový Bydžov, located in the Czech Republic, showcases the
breadth and versatility of Datwyler’s services in crafting the
perfect compound solutions. The plant specializes in custom
compound manufacturing, tailored to the unique needs of any
elastomer-based product manufacturer, whether it’s for tires, rain
boots, or anything in between. This flexibility and customization
are at the heart of what we do, ensuring that we can provide
exactly what you need for your specific product requirements.

Beyond elastomers, Nový Bydžov offers an extensive array of other materials, from multi-component (multi-k)
products, to liquid silicone and copolymers. Whichever sector you’re in, our range is designed to meet the
requirements of your most demanding applications – from power tools and hydraulic and pneumatic systems,
to water and wastewater management and valves and fittings.

Backing up those capabilities at Nový Bydžov are state-of-the-art equipment and processes to ensure
you get an optimal solution, whatever your requirements:


From Concept to Completion: A Full-Spectrum Approach

  • Prototype to Mass Production: We develop tailor-made sealing solutions for both small and large-scale needs.
  • Future-Ready Material Development: Specializing in high-performance materials for current and emerging requirements.
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Utilizing diverse skills for co-engineering and industry leadership.
  • Custom Material Solutions: Delivering the most suitable materials with expert surface treatments.
  • Simulation and Material Expertise: Proficiency in simulation and a deep knowledge of various material technologies.
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