At Datwyler, we place immense value on being close to our customers. Recognizing the unique nature of custom
projects, our skilled key account management and development teams are dedicated to understanding and meeting
your specific needs. We cater to a diverse range of requirements, from niche innovations to broad-scale challenges,
ensuring a collaborative and creative process to turn your ideas into reality.

Our customers benefit from our advanced technologies, innovative capabilities, and deep simulation expertise. This
combination empowers us to bring your visions to life more effectively and swiftly – whether you’re looking for a
standard O-Rings solution, custom machined metal, or wearable polymers such as our SoftPulse™ technology.

Enhancing Customer Success with Advanced Simulation and Rapid Prototyping

At Datwyler, we combine advanced in-house simulation capabilities with rapid prototyping to address and resolve the diverse challenges our customers face. Our expertise in structural mechanical analysis, virtual molding, testing, and detailed modeling allows us to gain deep insights into increasingly complex products and production processes.

Through our collaborative approach, we build a comprehensive understanding of each project, ensuring solutions are precisely tailored to your needs. This commitment to continuous improvement, bolstered by rapid prototyping, significantly reduces development costs and accelerates the speed to market.

Furthermore, our ‘Fast Track’ program is a testament to our customer-focused ethos. This exclusive offering is designed to fast-track your project development, from initial concept to final product. The program streamlines the development process, ensuring swift and efficient progress, and timely delivery of solutions.


Our technology development focuses on pioneering and securing multidisciplinary innovations worldwide.
That includes a comprehensive range of applications to maximize your industry’s opportunities, from our
smart and sustainable elastomers, to our SoftTouch wearables.


With Datwyler, you gain more than a solution provider; you get
a partner engaged in every step of your project. Our diverse
team of specialists, including engineers from various disciplines,
designers, and material scientists, collaborate to bring the right
mix of skills to your project. Our process encompasses everything
from ideation, prototyping, and material selection to advanced
manufacturing, optimizing your designs at every stage.

US-Driven Innovation,
Global Impact

Our multidisciplinary approach positions us as a partner
capable of supporting you from initial concept to serial
manufacturing. We’re continuously evolving with the latest
in manufacturing science and technology, ensuring smarter
solutions to accelerate your success. Our track record of
co-engineering projects, ranging from start-ups to global
corporations, demonstrates our capability to deliver substantial
benefits, especially when involved early in the process.
Join us at Datwyler, where your unique requirements meet our
innovative solutions, driving your success in an ever-evolving
industrial landscape.

Discover How Datwyler Can Transform Your Ideas into Success