At Datwyler, we understand that needs evolve in the fast-paced energy sector. We’re committed to empowering your transition towards electrification and sustainable energy practices.

Our sealing expertise in hydrogen, energy storage, and batteries positions us as your ideal partner in this global shift. We are dedicated to operational excellence, ensuring that we can rapidly scale production to meet your demands efficiently. As we navigate the path to decarbonization, you can rely on Datwyler to not only lead but also provide steadfast support and innovative solutions tailored to your journey in the transforming energy landscape.


As the demand for sustainable energy solutions grows, hydrogen is emerging as a transformative solution across many industries.

At Datwyler, we understand the crucial role of hydrogen in powering the world of tomorrow.
From energy production to transportation and industrial applications, hydrogen offers immense potential.
Whether you’re building a fuel cell portfolio or managing a hydrogen production plant, Datwyler ensures the reliability and safety of your operations.
We’re not just a provider, we’re your partner in creating a sustainable energy future.


Hydrogen Production Solutions

At Datwyler, we understand the critical nature of your hydrogen production operations. Our specialized sealing solutions are crafted to meet your specific needs, offering outstanding chemical resistance and a low hydrogen permeation rate for efficient, reliable hydrogen production.

What our solutions offer you:

  • Withstand pressures up to 50 bars
  • Operate efficiently at temperatures from 60-80ºC (LT) and up to 170ºC (HT)
  • Ensure high purity and cleanliness
  • Resistant to hydrogen, oxygen, sulfuric acid, and water
  • Designed to minimize hydrogen permeation

Datwyler’s custom solutions include:

  •  Plate Seals for Electrolyzer Stacks: Our advanced plate seals are engineered to deliver superior performance, optimizing the efficiency and reliability of your electrolyzer stacks. That includes edge bonded gaskets, overmolded seals and printed seals.
  • O-rings: Essential for ensuring leak-free operation in electrolyzers, our O-rings help maintain the system’s optimal performance.


Hydrogen Transportation and Storage Made Safer with Datwyler Solutions

Transporting and storing hydrogen safely and efficiently requires overcoming its unique challenges. Our advanced sealing solutions are designed to be resilient against extreme pressures, temperature differentials, and hydrogen permeation.

What our solutions offer you:

  • Manage pressures up to 700 bars
  • Operate from -40ºC to 80ºC
  • Minimize hydrogen permeation

Datwyler’s custom solutions include:

  • O-rings for Valves and Connectors: Critical in ensuring leak-free operation and enhancing the performance of your transportation and storage systems.


Optimizing Hydrogen System Performance with Datwyler Solutions

In the era of green hydrogen, ensuring the integrity and safety of hydrogen systems is crucial. Our reliable seals are vital in preventing leaks and optimizing the performance of your systems, whether for fuel cells, refueling, or boilers and heater, uses.

Datwyler’s Custom Solutions Include:

  • Overmolded plate seals for fuel cell stacks
  • Static seals in various shapes
  • O-rings for connectors and valves

Partner with Datwyler for innovative, reliable, and tailored sealing solutions, driving your hydrogen applications towards a sustainable future.


Advancing Sealing & Thermal Interface Materials Technology for Battery Systems

Datwyler’s work in Sealing & Thermal Interface Materials Technology represents the latest advancement in sustainable energy use. We are dedicated to developing technologies that contribute significantly to energy efficiency and sustainability. From critical seals for battery packs, modules, and cells to thermal conductive components for battery thermal management, we design, develop, and produce high quality products customized to your specific requirements.
Datwyler is not just innovating; we are revolutionizing the way industries approach energy solutions. Our commitment to sustainable energy is a promise of a cleaner, more efficient future.