Datwyler is at the forefront of smart materials, sensors and actuators across multiple industries, including HVAC, Energy and Oil and Gas.

Our in-house development of smart materials, sensors, and actuators, achieved through collaborations with cutting-edge start-ups and top research and technical institutions, represents a significant leap in digitalization, IoT, energy harvesting, and human-machine interfaces. Our commitment goes beyond just creating advanced materials; we are forging a new path in intelligent, responsive solution design.


Smart Integration for Enhanced Performance with Datwyler’s Integrated Sensors

Experience the future of smart technology with Datwyler’s integrated sensors, innovatively embedded in conformal elastomer components.

By transforming ordinary rubber components into intelligent, responsive elements, we can bring cutting-edge efficiency and functionality to both your supply chain and final product, helping you increase production optimization, product differentiation and customer satisfaction.

The possibilities are endless – these are just a few examples:

• Optimize Your Industrial Equipment:
Stay ahead with predictive maintenance capabilities for your industrial equipment. Our integrated sensors help you foresee maintenance needs, ensuring uninterrupted operations and longevity of your machinery.
• Streamline Your Production:
Our integrated sensor technology simplifies your supply chain, consolidating components and reducing assembly steps. This innovation not only streamlines manufacturing processes but also potentially cuts costs, delivering value directly to you.
• Elevate Your Product – Home Appliances:
Enhance user-friendliness with touch-sensitive panels – whether for large household appliances, or everyday household items.
• Elevate Your Product – Consumer Electronics:
Our smart rubber components contribute to ergonomic designs in consumer electronics, making them lighter and easier to use with improved functionality and aesthetics.


Revolutionizing Actuation with Datwyler’s Electroactive Polymers

At Datwyler, we’re leading the way in the realm of actuator technologies with our cutting-edge Electroactive Polymers (EAPs).
These soft, elastic polymers are engineered to exhibit mechanical motion in response to electric estimulation, embodying a seamless blend of material science and electrical engineering.

EAPs: A Leap Forward in Actuation Technology

Our EAPs are poised to replace conventional actuators, offering unmatched performance across a wide range of applications.
Imagine the possibilities in robotics, medical devices, and consumer electronics, where the need for innovative and efficient actuation solutions is ever-growing – and the advantages of using Datwyler EAPs are extensive:

• Energy Efficient:
EAPs operate with minimal energy consumption, making them ideal for sustainable and eco-friendly applications.
• Simplified Design:
The absence of complex mechanical parts in EAPs streamlines design processes, ensuring a sleek and efficient final product.
• Robust and Resilient:
Designed for durability, EAPs withstand the rigors of various applications without compromising on performance.
• Silent Operation:
Enjoy noise-free functionality, perfect for applications where quiet operation is crucial.
• Multi-functional:
Beyond actuation, EAPs offer potential for energy harvesting, sensing capabilities, and haptic feedback, opening up new avenues for innovation and user experience enhancement.


Magnetically Active Polymers (MAPs):
Revolutionizing Flexible Material Technology

Magnetically Active Polymers (MAPs) represent a groundbreaking combination of elastomer flexibility and magnetic functionality – and a further example of Datwyler’s material expertise. These materials are crafted by embedding ferromagnetic particles into an elastomer base, creating a versatile, soft material that exhibits magnetic properties. The elasticity of the elastomer and the magnetism from the particles open up a world of innovative applications, blending the best of both worlds.

Tailored Solutions for an Evolving World

Imagine integrating the power of digitalization, IoT, energy harvesting, and intuitive human-machine interfaces into your workflows seamlessly. Our expertise in solution design and material science translates into smarter, more efficient operations for your business, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in your industry.

Embrace the future with Datwyler’s smart materials, sensors, and actuators – a convergence of innovation, practicality, and efficiency.

Contact us to explore how Datwyler’s innovations can revolutionize your industry.