Understanding the challenges of operations in H2S-rich environments, Double E offers the 3-1/2 Inch EU Base Model, specifically designed for H2S service. This model represents our commitment to providing solutions that cater to the unique demands of more hazardous conditions.

H2S Resistant Packing: Equipped with both lower and upper packing materials that are resistant to hydrogen sulfide (H2S), this Stuffing Box is engineered to withstand the corrosive nature of H2S, ensuring safety and longevity.

High-Temperature Suitability: The packing materials are not only H2S resistant but also capable of handling high-temperature environments, making this model an ideal choice for challenging operational conditions.

3-1/2 Inch EU Base: The larger base size of 3-1/2 inches enhances compatibility with various setups and applications, particularly where a larger connection size is required.

Comprehensive Component Set: Includes all the necessary components from the 2-9/16 inch standard service model, ensuring complete functionality and reliability.

Double E’s 3-1/2 Inch EU Base H2S Service Stuffing Box is a testament to our dedication to providing high-quality, safe, and durable equipment for the oil and gas industry, particularly in environments where H2S presence is a significant concern.

For more information on this model or to discuss your specific needs, our team is ready to assist you.