Our Double E brand is dedicated to providing top-quality Standard Service Stuffing Boxes, suitable for a variety of operational requirements. Our range includes models designed for precision, durability, and efficient performance.

Featured Models:

2-9/16 Inch Flanged Base Model:

– Sets the industry benchmark for quality and performance.

– Precision Machined Components: Includes a body, bushing, cap, base, lower plate, lower packing, upper packing, and piston.

– Ideal for Standard Operations: Designed to deliver consistent and reliable service.

2-7/8 Inch EU Base Model:

– Widely Used and Trusted: A top seller — sharing the same high-quality features as the 2-9/16 inch model. – 2-7/8 Inch EU Base: Tailored for setups requiring this specific base size.

– Complete Component Set: Ensures seamless operation and easy maintenance.

3 Inch LP Base Model:

– Versatile and Robust – includes all features of the 2-9/16 inch model.

– 3 Inch LP Base: Adapted for operations that require a larger base size. Also available in 2″ Line Pipe, 3-1/2″ EU and 4-1/2″ EU sizes.

– Comprehensive Build: Equipped with all necessary components for optimal functionality.

Each model in our Standard Service Stuffing Box lineup is crafted to meet Datwyler’s high standards, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently.



We maintain a ready stock of these Standard Service Stuffing Boxes, ensuring prompt availability and quick deployment for your operations. For more information or to find the perfect Stuffing Box for your needs, our team is here to assist you.