Introducing the Dual Cap King : High-Pressure Performance Redefined

Engineered for Extreme Conditions

Recognizing the challenges of high-pressure well environments, Double E has meticulously developed the Dual Cap King, featuring a dual pack-off capability to withstand pressures up to 10,000 psi. This model is the epitome of strength and resilience, designed to meet the most demanding well conditions.

Robust Build and Versatile Options

Our most sought-after Dual Cap King model tips the scales at 80 pounds (depending on flange size), a testament to its robust construction. It is available in any Flange sizes with most common being of 2-1/16 10k and 2-9/16 10k, ensuring compatibility with a range of operational setups. All Cap Kings are designed to perform reliably in H2S service, and we offer adapters for top-mounted Blow Out Preventers (BOPs), enhancing their versatility.



At Datwyler, we understand that every operation is unique. If our current Dual Cap King models don’t align with your specific requirements, we’re ready to collaborate and create a tailor-made solution. We can develop a new Dual Cap King model or modify an existing one to perfectly suit your application.

Choose the Dual Cap King by Double E for unmatched performance in high-pressure well environments.