Double E’s Type CL Oil Saver, mirroring the design of the Type C, steps up in size and weight to meet the needs of more demanding applications. Each Type CL unit weighs 29 pounds and stands at a height of 15-1/2 inches, with a minimum bore of 1-13/16 inches. Available in thread sizes of 2-3/8″ EU, 2-7/8 inch EU and 3″ Line Pipe, 3-1/2″ EU, Integral 4-3/4″-4 Bowen Union, the Type CL Oil Saver is tailored for larger scale operations.

Versatile Tandem Assembly Options

Understanding the varied challenges of wireline operations, Double E also offers dual Type C or CL Oil Savers in a tandem assembly. This setup is ideal for scenarios where a single Oil Saver might not suffice, providing doubled efficiency and security. When a dual C rubber is preferred, the lower packoff “Type CT” is used. The CT Packoff comes with a female threaded connection on top for the upper packoff to be threaded directly into the top of the lower packoff. When a dual CL rubber is preferred, a CT Grande will be used.