Upgrade Your Well Maintenance with Datwyler’s Double E’s Modified Sucker Rod Stripper

Enhanced Convenience and Efficiency

We are proud to offer a modified version of our widely acclaimed Sucker Rod Stripper, now featuring a pre-installed rod table. This enhancement is specifically designed to streamline your well maintenance operations, saving you both time and resources.

Key Advantages of the Modified Sucker Rod Stripper:

Built-In Rod Table: The integrated rod table provides a convenient and accessible location to store tools during well maintenance. This addition significantly reduces downtime and minimizes the hassle of tool management.

Reduced Maintenance Costs: By simplifying the maintenance process and decreasing the need for extra equipment, this modified version contributes to overall cost savings in well operation and maintenance.

Always Ready Stock for Immediate Needs

Double E maintains a large inventory of these modified Sucker Rod Strippers, ensuring that we can meet your needs promptly. We maintain inventory of parts and assembly per order.



Understanding the urgency of operational demands, we have streamlined our order processing. Orders placed by 12:00 p.m. central time are eligible for next business day delivery, ensuring that you receive your parts quickly and efficiently.

Choose our modified Sucker Rod Stripper for an enhanced well maintenance experience, where convenience and efficiency are paramount.