Extend the Life of Your Rods and Tubing

Double E’s popular Rod Guides act as a wear resistant bushing to space rod couplings from the tubing bore. Our unique wrap around design creates a double-lock grip on the rod. That grip is strong enough to prevent slippage in most well conditions. Double E Rod Guides are also easy to install. The diagonal slots slip over the rod and easily snap into place. With 10 popular sizes of Nylon Rod Guides and 7 popular sizes of Rubber Rod Guides available, Double E has the guide you need for any environment.
The benefits? To start, reduced costs and minimized wear. Regular use of Double E Rod Guides can reduce lifting costs. By centering the rods and eliminating buckling, Double E Rod Guides enable a longer pumping stroke. Plus, consistent use of Double E Rod Guides will substantially reduce rod and tubing wear. Our larger wear surface allows our Rod Guides to last longer than other brands.