The Cap King and Dual Cap King: Models Engineered for High Performance

Double E proudly presents two models in this series, each catering to different pressure demands:

The Cap King: Expertly designed for operations requiring up to 5,000 psi working pressure, the Cap King is the ideal choice for standard high-pressure environments. It promises reliable containment of well pressure and effective prevention of leaks, ensuring safe and efficient operations.

The Dual Cap King: For more extreme conditions, the Dual Cap King steps up to the challenge with a rating of 10,000 psi. This model is tailored for the most demanding situations, offering enhanced security and robust performance where it matters most.


Cap Kings

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Dual Cap Kings

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We understand that one size does not fit all. If our current Cap King models don’t align perfectly with your operational requirements, we’re ready to collaborate and create a custom solution. Whether it’s developing a new Cap King model or modifying an existing one, our team is dedicated to engineering a solution that meets your specific needs.
Choose Double E’s Cap King series for a permanent Oil Saver solution that combines reliability, efficiency, and the flexibility to tailor to your unique well injection or gauge installation needs.